Adventures of DJ Qrime in the 2011

Wow it’s been a long time since I logged into my WordPress account and the only reason I did was motivation from a friend of mine and reading her wordpress. Let’s catch up where I can remember from the last time we met here. Well on the date of 2010 August 13, I reenlisted into the Army after over a four year hiatus. I left the creature comforts that were created with the last several years in a network scheme which was quite successful in my hometown of Seattle. The first run of getting out of the US Army back in the 2006 set me up to make my appearance full-time in the turntablism, mixtape & club dj scene. A hobby that I found at the age 15 and vowed to pursue in my later years as a profession. Fast forward we go into mid-2010 a sudden urge to do something out of the norm came over me. I walked into a recruiting station and showed my interest with the military and committed to it once again. Now remembering why I left I want to let you to know why I came back in. In my own opinion as far as America as a whole I noticed something about how we carry ourselves, we take things for granted and to me I felt as if I had to strip myself of this. Several factors played a role; felt that patriotism was not being met, felt that I failed my comrades still fighting for the cause and news media had too much to say and didn’t have any clue to the big picture.

Dismounted patrol searching for possible terrorist activities in remote villages

As of now I am currently deployed to Afghanistan and my obligation here is to be fulfilled until March 2012. We have taken the fight to the enemy but in that I also have lost several of my brother-in-arms. These men were great men, husbands, fathers, brothers and sons that served to a high degree not of a regular nature. The names of the fallen on the actions taken 29 July 2011 are as follows: Second Lieutenant Jered Ewy & Specialist Augustus Vicari both killed in action. Also deceased on the given day of 4 August 2011 was Sergeant Anthony Peterson. I had the chance to go on these last missions before the last one they were going to receive – a mission for peace, rest and home to God. I will never forget.

2LT Ewy memorial ceremony

SPC Vicari memorial ceremony

Hanging out and saying my last goodbye

Currently, I’ve been blessed to take some time off the war and as I type I am back in the states on a 15 day R&R. The challenges I’m facing back here are bigger than I thought. My family, friendship and the war has made it difficult for me to translate well with the ones in my life. Trying to cater to everyone while I’ve been back is not as simple and easy as it used to be. I’m not going to sit here and type about a sad story of my life – I’m working on trying to be a better me again.

As everything stands I had the chance to spend time so far with my lovely Goddaughter Jazmine Bantay. She is the most precious and one of the most important ladies in my life and would gladly sacrifice my life for her to have a good future in this world.

My Goddaughter Jazmine (when she’s able to date, I’ll have my guns ready) Wouldn’t want her to date a guy like me =)

The truth about how I feel about a war and what good it brought to me was the value in life and love. Before I left I fell for someone and even though we are by far not compatible and she is happily in a relationship, it made me open my eyes. We are friends to this day and I’m proud of her especially the caliber of woman she is. Thank you for being one of my warriors and friends. Well here I am ready to grasp life again when I get done with this tour of duty and be “just me”.

Welcome back R&R BBQ and my Goddaughter’s 2nd Birthday

I’ve been transformed forever and I believe I will lose some of the old-fashioned things that I used to do in life. Hopefully for the better, I would exchange them any day for a day another day above ground. As I finish the thread I want to let everyone know I thank you for having the wisdom, patience, trust, promise in me. Without you I am a nobody.

27 pounds lost from constant missions, lack of nutrition and staying hungry for the fight

Special Teams (48 hour mission) 15 miles covered one way

My closing words to you. We can learn to grow together as a team – a team of friends, family and a better America. Are we really mature or are we just lusting for the next greatest idle thing in life? We must move forward! Bless one my beautiful America.

~I will protect you~


The Van Goghs’ of street art

Alright face it graffiti is everywhere and the worlds best police can't do shit about it. The art seen by others as a crime (no pun intended) and to others a abstract form of expression has taken new meaning a street renaissance. In this I pay homage to my favorite artists and the founding father Taki 183.



… bold statement says it here…

Adult Swim

My personal favorites on the good ol’ boob tube… tune into Adult Swim and watch the following:


Maybe a witness protection plan could be better defined as this. This world is so uptight when it comes to security that I believe after watching this you would want to wear the exact same clothing apparel that John wears episode after episode. “This cereal is about friendship”.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Aqua Teen Hunger Force
ATHF should have been around when I was a kid. If I could put in one single word for explanation for shit this funny… Awesometastic!

Super Jail

This is every Haight-Ashbury residents post acid era nightmare of a cartoon. Has very “trip-like’ animation spiced up with very unforgivable images that would make you laugh and say WTF at the same time. Maybe a parody to Willy Wonka and a crossover to Trix the cereal.

Robot Chicken

Robot Chicken
Better than your average claymation that MTV offers with the bullshit “Celebrity Deathmatch” this has to be the equivalent to Gumby meeting Frankenstein.

… Adult Swim cant get enough of it. You could possibly love to watch or hate to love to watch this favorites.

-Nuff said
Adult Swim